Thursday, 6 August 2015

How Can I Accept the Existing Government?

I have to apologise to my Malay readers because for this post, I have decided to maintain its English Language origin as the articulation was done via the internet, in English Language, with a Malaysian who has now migrated to the UK. I feel compelled to maintain such articulation to preserve the mood and the mindset I was in when writing it.

A friend of mine asked me, "How can I accept the existing Government with all that is happening? How can you not believe all the accusations and still support the Government? How can you not call for actions to be taken to the Government officials for these crimes?" (referring to the alleged 1MDB debacle and the RM2.6 Billion donation).

My reply was:

And you propose to fight all these by not following the law?

By going against the protection clause of Whistleblowing Protection Act 2010 (711) para 11.1.b while whistleblowing?

By accepting documents that have been verified as being tampered and confirmed stolen by the whistleblowers themselves?

By listening to accusations without proper verification?

By accepting sources that are known to have agendas to destroy the Government in the first place such as Soros, NED and many more?

By creating chaos?

By shouting like hooligans in demonstrations with stupid yellow tshirts? (Sadly mostly Malays while the non Malays watch and laugh at the Malays).

By having opposition member who is also PAC member who secretly meet Clare Brown?

By not adhering to Kedaulatan Undang-Undang and Keluhuran Perlembagaan in the Rukun Negara?

By continuing throwing more accusations every day and repeating accusations although they have been answered fairly?

By asking one political party to disclose sources of donations while the others won't have to?

By reading the internet and forming conclusions as if you are a judge who have been presented with all the facts?

By ignoring the fact that the 48 supreme council members of UMNO and the cabinet, except 2 people, accepts the PM to hold monies in trust as allowed by UMNO Constitution Clause 27?

By ignoring the possibility of a Middle Eastern Islamic nation aiding Malaysia, a majority Islam population, to protect the Muslims from forces that have been attacking Muslims?

By ignoring the possibility that other political candidates from both sides also use money in their campaigns well above the limit set for Elections at RM200,000 as evident by Tun Mahathir saying it was also by the billions during his time?

By ignoring that the Rakyat can benefit from the wealth of the power industry via 1MDB's stable of power plants (5,594 WM) when in 2020 ASEAN nations will be importing and exporting electricity in excess of 20,000 MW per year?

By ignoring the the real value in prime land right smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur that has the potential to substantiate assets worth RM51 billion that can give revenue streams in the future that will comfortably address the service of RM42 billion debt that has not touched tax payers' money save for RM700 million aid from the Ministry of Finance for the sake of sustaining the Company until operations stabilise its cash flows?

By ignoring that the Government is being responsible to implement an unpopular policy, GST, despite pissing off the Rakyat simply because it is the right thing to do and with opposition capitalising it by going against it?

By condeming the Government for political instability that caused the Ringgit to plunge although you know that that political instability was orchestrated by oppositions?

By condeming the Government for poor economic landscape when in substance it is well maintained with A- rating from Fitch Rating and supported by Standards and Poors. By condeming the Government for poor fiscal policies when the foreign reserves stood at 7 months of import which is well above global benchmark of 3 months backed with GDP growth of 6% for 2014 and 5.5% expected for 2015 and an expected budget deficit to be at a low 3.9%?

By ignoring that the so called money politic via BR1M has actually improved disposable income, increased propensity to consume and provides body to the consumer driven economy?

By condeming the Government for not doing any good to the country when if you had read the Rancangan Malaysia ke-11 Parliamentary Session, you could have identified so many efforts being put to help the poor, enhance education, enrich employment capability, upgrade infrastructure, fuelling entrepreneurship amongst the youth, promote diversification of sources of economy, spreading budget allocations to the different ethnic groups, cheap housing via PR1MA and many more?

Huhhh... in that case, I have to decline your proposal with respect Sir.


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