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How to Destroy a Country 101 by Blogger Kopihangtuah

Just read a very good article by blogger kopihangtuah at as reprinted below:


The 4 main methods used by economic hitmen to topple countries that do not entertain their wishes are:

Step 1: Destroy the country's economic livelihood via various tools such as currency attack, commodity price attack, international monetary aid that has unreasonable terms that breach the sovereignty of the country, masterminding excessive development funded by excessive debts and economic sanctions. The final objective is to get a regime change that instals a leadership team that is friendly to the hitmen's needs.

If Step 1 does not cripple the country or not easy to be implemented due to the country's strong leadership, then they will go for Step 2.

Step 2: Capitalise on local issue to create havoc and chaos with the main objective of breaking down the political landscape and an eventual change of regime to one of their choice. This is often targeted on key political figures and the subject matters used are often those very sensitive to the citizens of the country. Accusations are the fuel for character assassination. The accusations can be from various angles such as corruption, racial sentiments, religion, Government policies, sex scandals and many more. The more naive and angry the citizens are, the more effective is this method. It has the "zombie" effect to the citizens.

If Step 2 does not cripple the country or not easy to be implemented due to the country's strong leadership and/or the citizens' maturity, then they will go for Step 3.

Step 3: Engage in military action on that country either by single foreign country attack, or joint forces by multiple foreign countries, or via international pack such as NATO, or, most commonly used, gain access to the country's internal military force to takeover from inside. This is often done sugar coatedly behind ideologies such as to restore democracy or to stop dictatorship or to fight for humanity and many more as long as it has the effect of the Step 2 on the citizens. Of course the final objective is still to get a regime change to that of their choice.

If Step 3 does not cripple the country or not easy to be implemented due to the country's strong leadership, local military force and/or citizen's maturity, then they will go for Step 4.

Step 4: Hire an assassin to take out the unwanted person of interest, often the top leader of the country.

All Steps 1 to 4 is done concurrent with Step X. Step X is to nurture, finance and create an easy pathway for political progression of a potential leader of their choice that will eventually be that replacement for the unfavourable existing leader.

Many of these steps have taken place in many countries around the world. Some successful and some not. To name a few, whether successful or not, and not in any particular order: Step 1 was used on Panama, Venezuela, Argentina, Indonesia and Thailand. Steps 2 and 3 was used on Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Step 4 was used in Libya. 

As the World unite to prevent wars and military activities, Steps 1 and 2 will become more and more effective now. Step 4 is a last resort, hence not many attempts. Libya had Gadafi sacrificed as he was putting in place a gold Dinar mechanism as potential pervasive currency. Saudi Arabia was mentioned earlier and many may be wondering why? Well, Saudi had its current rulers, the Saud family, put in place by the English after capitalising on a religious strategy that they, the English, had nurtured. The strategy was Wahabism. They even made a movie out of it called Lawrence of Arabia.
Finally, under Step 1, we saw many countries gone bankrupt.

This is not a new phenomenon. It has been going on since before World War 1. In fact, World Wars 1 and 2 may have been ignited by the same people who wishes to control the world. We have heard of many conspiracy theories such as the dropping of the unwarranted Atomic Bomb, CIA operations to overthrow governments, the New World Order under Freemasons/Illuminati/Zionism and the like. There is no direct evidence to conclude but what we see happening to many countries does fit in nicely into the puzzle. Henry Ford, the car maker, once tried to expose all these. He lost his wealth doing so.

So what can we do? The first step, as a citizen of this beloved country, is to have a robust mind to consider all facts by all parties and to have a conscious mind to assess whether you can comfortably accept those facts. Accepting does not mean to conclude straight away. Accepting means to tag a status on it as either facts of the case, accusations, evidence, suspicions and/or propaganda.

To shout negativity everywhere with conclusions that even authorities themselves have not yet reached is an utter irresponsible act by a citizen. It destroys the country, just like what the Economic Hitmen wanted. The best way to react is to accumulate knowledge and digest and only let go its implications when you are axing the box for the General Elections. For the time being, let the authorities do their jobs. God help us all.

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